At Starlight Investigations we work with both domestic and commercial clients. Our clientele include members of the public, who may consult us about matrimonial matters or to trace someone; solicitors and legal professionals who need investigation work or documents to be served; and businesses and corporate organisations who have concerns about particular employees, or are looking for effective debt or asset recovery services.

Starlight Investigations is an Associate Member of one of the leading organisations in our industry – the World Association Of Private Investigators. Our principal at Starlight Investigations is a Qualified Professional Investigator and EDI Level 3 Award in Professional Investigations, which deals with the ethics and standards of private investigation. All our operatives are CRB checked as a matter of course.

100% yes, we can assure you of total confidentiality. We fully understand that you will be consulting us on sensitive matters, so we operate under a strict code of confidentiality, meaning we will never reveal details of your case to a third party unless required by law to do so. Starlight Investigations is also registered under the Data Protection Act so you can be sure that your personal information will be securely stored and handled, in accordance with the Act.

Our Starlight Investigations operatives are carefully selected and receive further training to enable us to provide clients with a comprehensive range of high quality professional investigation services. These include surveillance, the tracing of missing persons, debt and asset recovery, certificated enforcement agent (bailiff) services, polygraph (lie detector) testing, accident and claim investigation, theft inquiries, and other highly specific services tailored to a client’s exact needs. So whatever you need us to do, we can do it. You can see our full range of services here.

Solicitors and other legal professionals call upon all of our services from time to time. However, we have built a solid reputation providing core functions such as document service, for which we have one of the most successful records in the industry; the tracing of missing persons; accident and claim investigation that may lead to compensation and / or legal action; and money and asset recovery.

Starlight Investigations employ experienced operatives with the specialist skills and experience to add real value to what we do. They come from all walks of life, though many have military, security or police force backgrounds. Consequently, they have some of the finest training in surveillance and investigation work, together with the experience to deal with fast moving and sometimes volatile situations. We can also call upon our network of talented and respected independent investigators, who offer particular specialist services to us as and when required. Our less experienced operatives are always carefully supervised by more senior personnel.

While we provide UK-wide and international services, we focus primarily on Essex, the South East of England and London with its surrounding areas. By doing so, we have been able to build a wealth of local and regional knowledge, which is often critical in achieving the fastest and most effective results for our clients.

Primarily our skills and persistence, which enable us to deliver both high levels of success and exceptional client service. In other words, we know what we’re doing and keep on going until we achieve the results that our clients want.

Feel free to call our Starlight Investigations booking team on 01702 742382 or email. We’re always happy to offer initial advice and ideas, so that you can judge whether we can be of help. If you decide that we can, our aim will be to provide you with an exceptional level of service.

Once you appoint us, our first task will be to understand the details of your case, your needs, your circumstances and your particular objectives. Once we have the necessary information, we will create a plan for delivering the fastest and most effective outcome for you.

Of course. Once we start working on your case, we will report back to you regularly, keeping you up-to-date on progress every step of the way.