Starlight Investigations has built a reputation for professional excellence and complete integrity. We’ve done this by rigorously applying principles that follow our code of conduct. We promise all our clients the following:

  • We will always work in your best interests.

  • We will provide a service that is appropriate to your needs.

  • We will report all facts to you that are relevant to your case and do so in a timely and appropriate fashion.

  • We will act with total integrity at all times.

  • We will perform our professional duties to the highest standards.

  • We will not reveal to others any information you give us unless this is by prior agreement with you or because a third party has the legal authority to ask for it and has followed correct process.

  • We will take the precautions necessary to prevent inadvertent disclosure of information.

  • We will apply and follow the requirements of Data Protection legislation so that your personal information remains secure and protected.

Find out how Starlight Investigations can provide the tried and tested professional service you need, and sample our code of conduct yourself. Call us on 01702 742382 or London 0203 633 2096 email.