Last week tragedy struck in Bath, when a tipper truck spun out of control on a very steep road. Although few facts are known about the accident, the resulting collision killed four innocent victims almost instantly. Among the dead was four year old Mitzi Rosanna Steady whose Grandmother was airlifted from the scene to Bristol’s Southmead Hospital to be treated with a critical condition. While details of the exact nature of the crash are still unclear, instances such as this highlight how important accident investigations can be.

That’s why we’re confident the Avon and Somerset Police are doing everything they can to draw back the veil of fog that currently clouds circumstances surrounding the accident. Lansdown Lane is a notoriously steep road in Bath, and with weight and height restrictions implemented elsewhere in the city, locals have speculated that the truck – driven by an as-of-yet unnamed 19 year old – simply lost control.

Rob Ollis, who took the truck driver into his home after the accident, said he was “in shock”.

“He said he couldn’t see the children on the crossing and was just fighting with his brakes, and he just couldn’t stop the truck and [it] turned over,” Mr Ollis said. – BBC News

How we can help with accident investigations

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