With any claim it’s vital that relevant information is gathered accurately, but also quickly, so that those involved don’t forget important details. At Starlight Investigations, we then ensure the matter is brought to a conclusion in the shortest time possible.

How we approach Claims Investigations

With claims investigations involving road traffic accidents in particular, we investigate promptly. We endeavor to interview those concerned effectively but also sensitively at what can be a very stressful and difficult time, especially when personal injury or fatalities are involved.

Our speed of response, our reputation for high levels of service, and our determination to deliver answers as quickly and accurately as possible have made us a first choice investigator in the assessment of compensation claims, claims investigations and insurance payouts.


We can also help with negotiating claims and delivering investigation reports, making decisions about liability or identifying any fraud associated with a claim.

To find out more about how our highly experienced claims investigation team can help you find the facts you need to make the most informed decisions, call us on 01702 742382 or email. As with all our services, your inquiry will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.