Are you seeking an agency who can prove someone else’s intentions to deceive you? At Starlight Investigations our fraud investigations unit will provide you with everything you need to prove a case of fraud. Whether you are an individual or represent a corporate client, we are here to decrease your fraud concerns to zero without making it known to any outside party.

Fraud cases are serious, effecting your economic and sometimes your physical well being. Problems like economic downtown and recession, financial embezzlement and misleading financial information, issues on fund repayment, office personnel acting out of role and false accounting are extremely common in the modern world.

How we deal with Fraud Investigations

Did you know 1 in 4 UK based businesses will be victim to fraud in their lifetime? Numerous in example, even if you are a victim of an extreme or unusual case of fraud, you don’t need to worry. Starlight Investigations will be happy to take on your case, despite and regardless of complexities.

We specialize in the following services: insurance fraud, examiner documentation, energy and private commercial workplace fraud, false accounting, mortgage fraud and embezzlement.

Our fraud investigators will use the latest technology and access databases not viable to the public to perform background and accounting checks on your business.


This will require some insight into your accounts – but don’t worry, we always operate with discretion. The information we obtain through these checks will help you to prevent the likelihood of you becoming victim to fraud, but should that situation arise, we will be able to provide detailed analysis on the cause of your fraud, alongside information pertaining to the perpetrator.

We can complement fraud investigation with other services such as in-depth background checks.

Since fraud investigation is a highly sensitive matter, complete discretion is of course guaranteed. So, if you think using our fraud investigations team could help you resolve an important matter, either for you personally or as a company or organisation, please get in touch with Starlight Investigations on 01702 742382 or email.