If you need to know the whereabouts of a vehicle at any time, then our specialist tracking service will give you a clear picture.

How we approach Vehicle Tracking

By using the latest in vehicle tracking technology, we can provide all the information you need about routes taken, locations visited and ultimate destinations.

This cost effective service can provide all the vital evidence needed to show that a vehicle is being inappropriately used, or to confirm or allay suspicions about where a spouse, a family member, or an associate is travelling to when out of your sight.

How we approach Covert Surveillance

The system is simple and quick to install, and is carried out by our investigators. No one need know it’s been done. When in place, it will monitor a vehicle’s location around the clock and for days at a time. At an appropriate moment, we can retrieve the vehicle tracking device, and download the detailed information it contains and to create a comprehensive map showing all places visited and the time spent at each.

So, if you need to know the whereabouts of a vehicle, just call Starlight Investigations on 01702 742382 or email and let us track it for you.