There has been renewed interest in the usefulness of covert surveillance thanks to Channel 4’s reality TV show, Hunted. At Starlight Investigations, we have always held covert surveillance in high regard. However thanks to the show, which aired throughout the summer, the tactic has now reaching new heights of popularity across the country.

As The Telegraph surmises, the premise of Hunted was simple enough: “14 ordinary people flee their lives and try to live “off grid” for a month while evading capture. The hunters […] begin with only the names, addresses, photographs and dates of birth of the escapees, and attempt to track them down.”

However, as the programme’s crack team of investigators soon discovered, some of their mock fugitives were far from easy to track down. Their unpredictability eventually led to fugitives Emily Dredge, Lauren English, Stephen Hardiker and Martin Cole successfully evading capture by leaving the country.

Using a mixture of CCTV footage, internet activity, GPS tracking and phone monitoring, investigators performed covert surveillance in order to hunt down the fugitives. In turn, fugitives evaded capture by minimising communication with others, and staying off grid. Although Hunted was produced for the entertainment of those at home, these tactics are often employed by real-life covert surveillance teams and criminals.

How we can help with covert surveillance

Starlight Investigations use covert surveillance for a variety of projects, including employee monitoring, marital concerns, and help investigating criminal activity.

Since covert surveillance is a highly sensitive matter, complete discretion is of course guaranteed. So, if you think using surveillance could help you resolve an important matter, either for you personally or as a company or organisation, please get in touch with Starlight Investigations on 01702 742382 or email.