Effective covert surveillance is one of the most tried, tested and effective ways of obtaining hard evidence to uncover information, whether it involves tracking the movements of employees, suspects in insurance or business fraud, or even a marital partner.

How we approach Covert Surveillance

Effective covert surveillance requires high levels of skills, determination and persistence, an understanding of human behaviour and the stamina to remain alert for long periods of time.

Our surveillance teams are made up of highly skilled individuals, often from security, military or police backgrounds. Each is an expert in their field, who will when necessary work together as an elite team to provide round the clock surveillance cover.

How we approach Covert Surveillance

As well as on-foot surveillance, we use tracker systems covertly fitted to vehicles. This helps us to achieve very high rates of success and satisfy clients such as Jason Tyler from Essex, who was unfortunately stuck in a situation where he suspected one of his employees was stealing from his business:

The surveillance package offered by Starlight Investigations was very affordable and second to none. It solved all my problems and provided me with the hard evidence I needed.

We can complement surveillance with other services such as in-depth background checks.

Since covert surveillance is a highly sensitive matter, complete discretion is of course guaranteed. So, if you think using surveillance could help you resolve an important matter, either for you personally or as a company or organisation, please get in touch with Starlight Investigations on 01702 742382 or email.