When it comes to matrimonial and relationship matters, it can be vital for one party to know about the conduct and activities of the other, in order to achieve fairness in a divorce settlement or custody proceedings. At Starlight Investigations, our staff members are trained to uncover the financial and personal details our clients’ matrimonial and relationship matters effectively and discreetly.

We can act for you at any stage, not just to find out the worst, but often to allay any suspicious you may have. This could even provide you with an opportunity to get your relationship back on track.

How we deal with Matrimonial and Relationship Matters

We bring together our expertise in carrying out matrimonial and relationship surveillance.

We can also conduct background checks to help you to obtain the information that will allow you to make a well-informed decision, just as we have done for clients like Veronica Cook.

Veronica owned property with her husband, but after messy divorce proceedings began, she was confused to as where she stood financially:

Relationship Matters

I highly recommend these private investigators thanks to their timely, reliable and professional manner. They helped me sort of everything and gave me an excellent understanding of what I could do.

To find out more about how our investigation services can help in resolving your matrimonial and relationship matters, call Starlight Investigations on 01702 742382 or email. Our advice is free and you will find us understanding, sensitive to your situation and, above all, totally discreet.