Lie detectors and polygraph tests have become very popular in recent years, especially in high security departments and in various legal cases where it is important that the person is being 100% honest. At Starlight Investigations, we are happy to provide this service to our customers.

How we deal with Polygraph Test / Lie Detector Tests

We provide a lie detector service which measures physiological changes such as blood pressure, respiration, pulse rate and skin conductivity through a polygraph test. Results are measured by testing the reactions to a series of questions and measuring the changes which follow.

We offer very competitive prices for conducting lie detector and polygraph tests, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask for quotes and more information.

Lie Detector Tests

We can complement polygraph tests with other services such as in-depth background checks.

So, whatever truth you require, have your employee or other half take a polygraph test. Call Starlight Investigations on 01702 742382 for an initial discussion or email.