Process serving and litigation support are incredibly complex matters. It is a practice that requires the utmost organizational skills and data tracking, all of which can create for quite complicated and costly services. Our goal at Starlight Investigations is to collect and present data in the most cost-effective way possible, and we put our clients first in these concerning circumstances.

There are many situations in which process serving can come in to play. When most people think of process serving (or “being served”) the idea of witness summons immediately comes to mind. If you need to take someone to court who is being evasive, we will efficiently find the witness and serve them their documents within the desired time-frame. In actuality, however, witness summons is just one of many examples of process serving.

Family matters are another time when process serving could come into play. Filing a family law investigation is never a cheery matter, but in situations where the welfare of a child is at stake they are sometimes a necessity. If you are taking on a custody battle, we can collect and present cold, hard facts on your behalf in the courtroom.


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Situations in which domestic violence plays a part also involve information collection and process serving. Our investigators will check police reports for validity and make any necessary corrections. For these types of cases, we also document criminal history and obtain copies of evidence logs, arrest warrant requests, and more. The more information we have on hand, the better.

There are many cases in which process serving and litigation support can come in to play.