A recent study by the Financial Ombudsmen has suggested that insurers require increasingly detailed evidence when it comes to claims against policies they hold. Urged on by development in surveillance techniques and claims investigations, those who suffer bumps and bruises to their car may be required to provide witness statements, checks and physical evidence when they claim on their insurance.

Following a recent collision in Chelmsford, residents were left stunned when two cars collided on the Main Road, Broomfield, leaving one casualty in a critical condition at Broomfield Hospital. It has been reported that a trolley, papers and car debris littered the road and pavement close to the Co-op food store, but no other details have emerged. The exact nature of the crash is unknown, as everyone who attended the scene only saw the aftermath of the accident. However, the local police force are hopeful that detailed CCTV surveillance and forthcoming witness statements will clear up the ins and outs of the collision.

How we can help with your claims investigations

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