When a physical on-site presence is required at premises or an address to assert the legal interests of an owner or otherwise legally entitled party, our bailiff services provide the perfect response.

How our Bailiff Services operate

Not only will our bailiff services achieve an effective outcome, but we will do so quickly. By instructing us as certificated enforcement agents (bailiffs), there is no need for you to go through lengthy court proceedings that could cause you unacceptable delays.

Our highly professional bailiff services can help with:

Overdue Commercial Rents

We can act to recover overdue rents under Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) legislation on your behalf as a property owner or agent. We will visit the property and levy a charge on sufficient goods to discharge the debt and associated costs if we do not get immediate payment in full. This gives the tenant time to settle the debt, after which we may return to seize the goods and sell them to cover the debt.

How we approach Process Serving

Lease Forfeitures

Our bailiff services can take possession of a building and return it to you should a tenant breach the terms of their lease. Just instruct our Legal Department and they will do the rest, including arranging to change the locks.

Removal of Unauthorised Occupants

If others occupy your property or land, as travellers might, you can instruct us as bailiffs to remove them for you.

As certificated enforcement agents (bailiffs), we can act far more quickly than most people think, using Common Law powers, to remove trespassers quickly and peacefully without the need for a lengthy court process.

If you have an urgent matter that you believe requires an on-site physical presence, call Starlight Investigations on 01702 742382 or email and find out how our bailiff services can help you remove the problem.