Starlight Investigations process serving and litigation support services include identifying, organizing, analyzing and presenting electronic as well as paper documents. We also ensure all legal documents are served to the concerned parties on time so as not to hamper with the service of process.

Under process serving, we collect and present crucial data in an organized and cost effective manner. The documents are prepared and served to the defendant as per the prevailing laws so that there will be no delays. The case materials are also handled effectively for easy retrieval and presentation in the court.

Our Process Serving & Litigation Support Services

A number of things are considered during the process serving and litigation support. We take in the following matters on this service:


In ASBO process serving, our investigators will discuss the type of anti-social behavior affecting you and come up with possible remedies. Our team will investigate the behavior and take witness statements from you and other interested parties, then make an action plan for how to go about it. You will be kept informed about the progress of the case.

Domestic Violence

Police reports play a crucial role in domestic violence proceedings. As such, our investigators will first get a copy of police report, evaluate its quality, check for errors and make corrections. In addition we also obtain copy of 999 tapes, evidence logs, arrest warrant requests and more. The perpetrator’s criminal history is also documented by us.


It is always unpleasant to file a family law investigation but for some cases it is a necessity, especially when a child is included. If you have a doubt that a family member may be doing something illegal and want custody of child in your favor, call us. We will collect hard facts to present in the court and deal with the case on behalf of you and keep you updated.


Starlight Investigations is experienced in serving injunctions under Non-Molestation Order Occupational Order, Common Law (Assault & Trespass Injunctions) and Anti-Harassment Injunctions. All you have to do is complete an Injunction Application and Statement of Claim and we will take care of the rest including helping you make an Affidavit.


All procedural requirements related to Insolvency Act are followed strictly in serving winding-up or bankruptcy order. It is ensured that the statutory demand is served in accordance with the law. A valid Certificate of Service is provided to our clients.


Nowadays, misguiding acts are done for the intent to materially misrepresent or omit information on a mortgage loan application to obtain a loan or to obtain a larger loan than would have been obtained had the lender or borrower known the truth. People may be disguising about their income facts, employment positions, false mortgage value, identity information. These frauds need to be mine swept.


Providing proof for “Inclination and Opportunity” against your partner can help you get a more favorable divorce settlement. Our investigators can collect photographs, videos, sequential log of movements and any other supportive documents that can be used as evidence in your case proceedings.

Witness Summons

Sometimes a witness will be unwilling to appear in the court and may go into hiding just to evade it. If you are having a similar problem, then do contact us. We are experts in witness summons and will assist you in finding the witness and serving the documents within the stipulated time frame.

Notices Displayed

Our clients are always kept up-to-date about their case proceeding through regular notices. All notices are sent in discreet manner to maintain confidentiality.

Document Collection

Result of any case depends upon the quality of information and documents provided in the court. Our team members are veteran in collecting necessary documents be it be personal injury claim, mortgage documents, or other papers.

Inability to serve a defendant may result in service of process being void. In order to avoid such instances, Starlight Investigations makes sure that the defendant is legally served and that too in a cost effective way for our clients.