TV series such as CSI, Criminal Minds and NCIS are as popular as they’ve ever been. While the likes of Grisham, Gibbs and Dr Reid undoubtedly aid public appreciation of crime scene investigators; they do nothing for perception. The truth is these programmes are not always an accurate portrayal of the service, even down to the nitty gritty that you might believe.

Below, we uncover five myths about crime scene investigators:

1. No one’s ever left alone at the scene

How many times have you seen Greg Sanders take one room, while Sara Sidle takes another? There was even a CSI episode revolving around a civil case against Sanders, who was left alone at a crime scene and subsequently accused of concealing evidence. For that exact reason, crime scene investigators are rarely unsupervised. Not that Sanders has learned from his mistake.

2. They don’t fight the bad guys nail and tooth

They’re far too busy analysing the evidence!

3. They don’t have x-ray or super imposed vision

That tell-tale hair on the carpet will be seen eventually – but not from across the room and up two flights of stairs. Crime scene investigators use all manner of technology and appliances to assist them, but they don’t have x-ray vision.

4. There’s a difference between forensic science and crime scene investigators

All too often crime scene investigators are portrayed as the people who also crouch over microscopes and perform chemistry tests in the lab. In reality, these two professions are completely separate. Crime scene investigators analyse, document and examine crime scenes, while lab technicians will look into the science behind a case.

5. They won’t put evidence in their pocket

See it, bag it, pocket it – right? Wrong. Everything at a crime scene is handled with due care and attention, and pocketing something important could be seen as tampering with the evidence. All evidence is carefully processed and tested away from the scene, immediately after retrieval.

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