Missing persons needn’t be guilty of a crime to qualify the help of a private investigator. Centring around but not exclusive to underlying mental health conditions, the elderly and frail are particularly susceptible to crises that could result in their disappearance. Tracing missing persons at this point becomes a sensitive and urgent matter, to guarantee that person’s wellbeing.

In 2015 this has been highlighted by the case of DJ Derek, whose real name is Derek Serpell-Morris. The Bristol based celebrity disappeared somewhere between his home in the St Pauls area of the city, and a local branch of Wetherspoons this summer. He was reported missing by his family on 23rd July.

There has since been a widespread appeal to #finddjderek on social media, with celebrities such as Rob Da Bank, Bristol major George Ferguson, and Massive Attack’s Daddy G all showing their support.

Despite the efforts of local police, family and friends – and reliable sightings of Derek at bus stations in South Gloucestershire’s Thornbury and Yate – the DJ has yet to be found.

His twin sister, Shirley Griffiths, now fears he may have committed suicide, telling the Bristol Post in September: “My biggest scare about all this is one, we may never find him, and two, is if he is deceased. That is the thing that upsets me more than anything.”

How we can help tracing missing persons

When tracing missing persons, no matter what the situation, it is important to act fast. Our team of surveillance professionals will thoroughly investigate a person’s background and history in order to form a better picture of where they may be. We have an exceptional success rate of tracing missing persons, and can be relied upon even when local officials fail.

Our strict confidentiality policy means that you can be absolutely certain that these details won’t be revealed to others without your permission. To find out more about our tracing missing persons expertise, head over here.